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It's what goes on inside that counts. Move more freely with this low-impact session. Covering posture, strength, breathing, balance, core engagement and so much more. Take time out for you.


A great way to burn energy, get fit, work the whole body and have some fun! We use gloves and pads for part of the session. Please bring a small towel and water with you.

kick start

Outdoor exercise sessions. Includes intervals of cardio, strength and core exercise. Feel stronger, leaner and get some fresh air!

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running blocks

Small, friendly groups operates in 6 week blocks. 

Beginners groups are for those starting from scratch.

Jog On is suitable for those running continuously for 20 minutes or more. The sessions are varied to continue your progression. We include some core and strength activities in the Jog On sessions.

Blocks are £20 each, bookable in advance.

Please visit the calendar for current session times

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