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Sports Massage therapy helps to relieve both the physical and physiological tensions caused by a busy lifestyle. It is not just sports related, the benefits of this therapy will be felt by anyone suffering from a condition that restricts what they do. Examples are back ache, sprains, strains, fatigue, tension, high blood pressure, stress.

The service involves an individual client assessment, which includes medical history, as well as the current condition (if applicable). Massage pressure is individual to each client.

Works well combined with biomechanics, please contact me for more information.

Benefits of Sports Massage Therapy:


Back Massage

increased rate of healing

increased mental alertness

reduction of anxiety

enhanced relaxation

Reduction in muscle stiffness

increased flexibility and range of motion

greater postural awareness

breakdown of scar tissue and adhesions

improved circulation

lower blood pressure

45 mins £35

1 hour £45

* longer treatment time is available, please contact for more information


Please note the initial treatment costs £50 and lasts for 75 minutes. This includes medical history, assessment and evaluation. The actual massage time will be reduced for the first session.

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